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  • "Houtkin Consulting January Newsletter" (PDF)

  • "Houtkin Consulting November Newsletter" (PDF)

  • "Houtkin Consulting October Newsletter" (PDF)

  • "White Paper: Disaster Recovery Best Practices - Chapter 1: Maintaining Management Approval" (PDF)

  • "White Paper: The Accountability Process - NEW" (PDF)

  • "White Paper: Disaster Recovery Best Practices for the Enterprise and Small Business - Introduction - NEW" (PDF)

  • "White Paper: Readiness Kits - NEW" (PDF)

  • "Family Plan Form - NEW" (PDF)

  • "Split Staffing - NEW" (PDF)

  • "Office Buildings: Why a Partnership Between Tenants and Building Managers is so Critical Today: 13th Annual Disaster Recovery Guide, 2008"

  • "Accountability Process - Saving Lives as an Incident Unfolds - NEW" (PDF)

  • "Disaster Recovery Testing - NEW" (PDF)

  • "Working with the Facilities Building Manager in Creating the Business Safety Continuity Plan - NEW" (PDF)

  • "Creating Synergy between the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Process - NEW" (PDF)

  • "Readiness Pamplet" (PDF)

  • "Shelter-In-Place" (PDF)

  • "What About The People" (PDF)

  • "When to Run, When to Hide. Defining best practices for emergency evacuation"
    Government Security Magazine. Volume 3, Number 4. June, 2004. Pages 34-38.

  • "Dirty Bombs - Best Practies"
    CPM Global Assurance. Volume 1, Issue 5. May, 2004. Pages 5-6.

  • "Readying the Corporation for the Dirty Bomb Experience" (PDF)

  • "The Evacuation Process: Lessons Learned" (PDF)

  • "Info Security and Business Continuity: Working Together"
    (In Process)

  • "Outsourcing Networking Services: Selecting the Right Provider"
    Telecommunications, April, 1997

  • "Y2K Web Resources for the Financial Indust"
    Wall Street Telecommunications Association, 1999

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