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1994-1994 Project Manager


Project Manager and consultant for ISICAD, Inc. a leading provider of comprehensive network management solutions worldwide and developer of graphics-based integrated network management products. Duties include:

Project Manage all ISICAD implementations residing in the Eastern Region including Smith Barney Shearson, Chase Manhattan, Bankers Trust, Solomon Brothers and AT&T.

Establish management and implementation positions for the Eastern Regional Office including position description, long and short term goals and the implementation of these goals

Assess and redesign current implementation and current project management procedures in order to define accurate service offerings and refine the ISICAD-related services and resources.

Establish and devise a three-year integration and implementation plan for a new Business Unit offering network and cabling services exclusive of the ISICAD product line.

Weekly telecommunications seminar for national support staff to educate them with an eye towards meeting the goals of refining and strengthening ISICAD services and viability in the marketplace.

Writer of white papers positioning the ISICAD as an enterprise management system.

Manage and implement the RFP process, vendor and product/services assessment and final approval for regional phone service and a domestic/global solution as well to connect all disparate ISICAD offices.

Research, manage and implement the RFP process searching for a solution for remote LAN connectivity for ISICADís domestic and international offices.

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