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1996 - 1998 Project Manager:

Merrill Lynch

Documentation/Project Coordinator: Network Strategy and Planning, gathering of Engineers in the architecture and planning stages of the Merrill Lynch Global Business Network (GBN)

Project Manager: End-to-End Provisioning Procedures for the International Network

Project Manager: MS Exchange global implementation

Project Manager responsible for establishing post-implementation, i.e. "Day 2" services and procedures as offered by ATT and IBM service providers with Merrill Lynch with respect to complete Outsourcing of migration of Merrill Lynch LAN and WAN from proprietary to vendor-enriched, Windows NT LAN and Frame Relay and ATM WAN servicing headquarters, international data center and 750 retail branches.

Establish Day 2 Team of 20 ATT, IBM and Merrill Lynch representatives to establish procedures, service levels for the following services:

  • Inventory Capacity Planning, Management and Provisioning: Including End User equipment: workstations, servers and peripherals and networking equipment: Cisco Catalyst 5000 and 5500, 2500, 4500 and 7000 series routers.

  • Provisioning Procedures for Moves, Adds, Changes and Corporate Real Estate Initiatives (Closings, Openings, Relocations for internal systems and batch feed integration with IBM/ATT provisioning systems

  • Moves, Adds Changes (MACís): Adding, Deleting, Moving Users/Hardware and Re-configuration

  • Disaster Recovery and Contingency, Site File Backups (Client and Personal Files)

  • Help Desk and Branch Contact Training

  • Hardware, Software and Firmware upgrade certifications

  • Entitlements: Ordering, implementation, problem resolution, MACís and network architecture upgrades

  • Network Utilization, Performance Reporting

  • Design Procedures for Internal Merrill Lynch Services: MACís, Corporate Initiatives, Provisioning, LAN and WAN hardware, software implementation, upgrade and performance

  • Establish senior-level management reporting mechanisms for project bi-monthly accomplishments and goals

  • Establish reporting mechanisms and distribution of procedures for Merrill Lynch global community comment/concurrence

  • Merrill Lynch Internal Web representation of all established procedures and documentation

  • Organize and facilitate systems-oriented teams for the development of LAN and WAN network catalogues to automate the ordering process between internal Merrill Lynch ordering, provisioning and asset management system with IBM and ATT ordering, provisioning and asset management systems

  • Designed IBM post-implementation service level agreements

  • Merrill Lynch Network Architecture and Standards Document for the [new] Global Business Network

  • Assisted effort in achieving Network Address and Autonomous System Number allocation from the InterNIC

  • Assisted in writing of two technical white papers: OSPF and BGP-4

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