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1998 - 1999 Project Manager:
    CICG Y2K

Merrill Lynch

Project Manager for the Capital Institutional Markets Business Unit Year 2000 Project at Merrill Lynch. Primary duties included:

Receipt and Tracking of Merrill Lynch complete, world-wide inventory of internally developed applications

Establish/Maintain CICG Inventory Database of All CICG-Related 3rd Party Components, Market Data and Application Dependencies. Work with an internal DBA to establish business requirements as well as design, implement a database to house all application-related data. Complete activities include:

  • Receive Application-Related Documentation/Tracking and Reconciliation with Merrill Lynch Year 2000 CORE Team: Responsible for the receipt and tracking of Merrill Lynch's completed inventory of internally developed applications and related technical documentation, primarily the Application Assessment, a document that defines the complete environment and workings of each application.

  • Perform Technical Review: Perform technical review on all application assessments, define questions and identification of missing information based on a complete assessment of the following data:
    • 3rd party Development Languages, Client Hardware, Server Hardware (including Server Name/IP/Location),Databases, Shared Objects, Libraries, Tools and Utilities
    • Market Data Services
    • Internal/External application feeds, transmissions to determine application dependencies on other applications
    • Perform Data Entry into Database
    • Present Application Reports with Queries Resulting from Technical Review
    • Performance of Technical review with the related application development community
    • Completion of the application profile based on results of technical review
    • Data maintenance
Liaison with the Merrill Lynch Technical Organization:
  • Facilitate and project manage the daily Issues/Status meeting of the CICG Certification Test Center: This group includes both NT, UNIX support as well as Test Center Architecture and Database group. The subject included issues ranging from the provisioning/installation of Market Data services, connectivity to other Merrill Lynch labs, Firewall implementation, rule-set and configuration, application-based issues including the discovery of non-y2k compliant issues and methodology towards resolution.

  • Facilitate and project manage global CICG-specific Market Data Services: Work with the Merrill Lynch Global Market Data Services group to identify CICG-related Market Data services as well as track the y2k-compliant versions, implementation/migration towards y2k-compliance and definition of certification ownership and methodology within Merrill Lynch.

  • Facilitate and project manage global CICG-specific Carrier services: Work with the Merrill Lynch ATT infrastructure group to identify those hubs, routers, carrier services servicing CICG world-wide, track the y2k-compliant firmware, implementation/migration towards y2k-compliance and definition of certification ownership and methodology for carrier services servicing Merrill Lynch world-wide with special emphasis on those internally-developed applications with International implications.

Certified Product Reconciliation:

  • Work with the Merrill Lynch technology group and the Merrill Lynch CORE Team to ensure compatibility and reconciliation between those products utilized by the CICG development community and those technical "owners" in the Technology group who have certification responsibility for these products.


  • Established complete technical Archive housing all Merrill Lynch internally-developed application-related technical documentation including all phase-end deliverables for Pre-Renovation, Renovation, Production and Certification development phases such as Test Scripts, Configuration Specifications, Data Flow Schematics, Test Results.

    • Designed the complete Archival process and procedures including all activities associated with document submission, retrieval as well as determination and tracking to meet phase-end deliverables, i.e. Pre-Renovation, Renovation, Production and Certification with the Merrill Lynch Year 2000 CORE Team.

    • Defined a complete Archive Inventory presented on the CICG Y2K Web-Site, updated on a daily basis.

    • Defined/established a complete Document Request Process with a 24-hour Service Level

    • Established an electronically-based Archive for the Global Merrill Lynch Community

Documentation Specialist

  • Data Gathering/Analysis status (monthly reports)
  • Database Users Guide
  • Database Technical Document
  • Daily Certification Test Center Meeting Minutes, Technical Issues
  • Market Data Services Meeting Minutes and Product Status
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