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2005-2007 Team Leader, Project Manager, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning , Planning and Deployment.

AIG Investments

Creation of the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery program for AIG Investments – one of the largest asset management groups on Wall Street. Creation of the complete Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery process that takes the Business requirement and manifests it into technical realities including:

Business Continuity

  • Creation and implementation of the Business Continuity planning and Risk Assessment and Mitigation processes and procedures as well as completion of required documentation (Business Continuity Plan/Risk Assessment) for Federal and audit-related compliance: Business Impact Analysis, Risk Analyses, Call Trees, Short and Long Business Continuity Plans for Fixed Income, Equities, Alternative Investments, Real Estate, Back Office Operations, Investment Accounting and “Rest of Bank.”
  • Creation of the Staff Accountability Process for accounting for staff during and after the evacuation process in line with issues resulting from 9/11 and the new FDNY Local Law 26 Ordinance.
  • Integration of Business Continuity Safety-related processes with existing Corporate Security processes and procedures for emergency planning and execution.
  • Presentation of the Staff Accountability process to all staff.
  • Creation of Call Tree and Business Continuity Planning and Accountability process test scripts.
  • Performance and audit of call tree tests, business continuity plan walkthroughs and staff accountability exercises .
  • Information gathering, design and deployment of the business alternate seating requirements including all technical, physical and information-related security and business processes and procedures.
  • Creation and documentation of the three primary business sites’ business continuity plan.

Disaster Recovery

  • Determination and prioritization of all required tools and technical requirements for the Business as identified during the Business Continuity Planning process.
  • Determination and design of enterprise-wide and business-specific solutions along with architectural analysis and recommendations.
  • Complete analysis and documentation of mission critical and critical systems and applications.
  • Creation of invocation documentation and schematics of each deployed technology and Business application and/or system.
  • Creation and documentation of the Disaster Recovery plans for the primary data center, alternate data center and alternate seating sites;
  • Creation of disaster recovery/invocation and normalization procedures based on three scenarios: Loss of site, Denial of Physical Access and Shelter-In-Place.
  • Processes dealing with staffing issues and availability during disaster events including payroll.
  • Facilitation and integration of the Disaster Recovery asset management process including assessment and profit/loss considerations with existing asset management processes and procedures.
  • Facilitation and integration of the Disaster Recovery testing process with existing QA standards for complete Data Center site fail-over testing and creation of one-off testing processes: Implementation Validation, Technical Testing, isolated Application Functionality testing, as well as End-to-End testing and End User testing.

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