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1992-1993 Project Manager
Technology Researcher
Network Analyst
Technical Writer

Credit Suisse/Credit Suisse Zurich

Project Manager and Network Analyst, working for the Director and Manager of Information Technology at Credit Suisse in their move of Information Technology and 100-position Trading Floor from 100 Wall Street to One Liberty Plaza. Primary duties include establishing operational procedures and policies for installation, change-management and network problem determination and Project Manager of all aspects of Information Technologies management. Duties include:

Negotiate maintenance, service contracts and acceptance testing criteria/agreements with Cisco USA, Cisco UK, Cabletron Systems, ISICAD, Inc. and Xyplex.

Coordinate and purchase special carrier services (T1, ISDN, X.25, Frame Relay) from such carriers as BT North America, Sprint, CompuServe, Infonet, Wiltel, New York Telephone and Teleport.

Analysis of all Credit Suisse domestic and international network sites for publication.

Study of Cabletron Systems LAN product line including MMAC3, 5 and 8 chassis, IRM2, IRM3 and EMME management/repeater cards, including 10BASE-T, Ethernet, Token Ring and Fiber MIM.

Study of Cabletron Systems WAN product line including the CRM/R router module.

Study of Cisco Systems WAN product line including the MGS/3 and IGS/R, 7000.

Documentation includes:

  • Operational Procedural Guide for global and local network management.

  • Frame Relay/ATM Technical and Cost Feasibility Study.

  • RFP for One Liberty Plaza LAN Solution.

  • Network Problem Determination Guide.

  • Comparative studies of ISDN, T1, X.25 carrier services.

  • Solution Papers regarding Credit Suisse migration from LAT to TCP/IP and spanning tree concepts and protocols: TCP/IP, Routing Protocols: RIP, IGRIP.

Lectures include:

  • Introduction to Data Communications weekly classes.
  • Executive lectures regarding technological solutions and cost feasibility and justification.
  • Special staff lecture series regarding Credit Suisse and related and specific network issues.
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