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Team Leader
Project Manager
Documentation Specialists
Disaster Recovery Technology Deployment
Administration and Back-Office Operations
    including Maintenance Procedures

Credit Suisse First Boston Corporation

Deployment of Over 1000 systems supporting the complete Rest-of-Bank (ROB) environment including Back-Office Operations. Team Leader of 2 NT Engineers; 1 Scripter, 1 Junior Project Management; 2 Documentation Specialists as well as project manager of the deployment of all Database, UNIX, Mainframe, Tandem, VAX and AS400 back-office systems along with these area discipline-managers and their teams.

  • Worked with Business Continuity Analysts in receipt of Business System requirements. Created overall-project with the following phases: Information Gathering; Provisioning, Deployment, Testing, Documentation and Transitioning.
  • 166 NT Systems (including Application, Web, Database, Infrastructure) resident on 90 servers.
  • 38 Stand-Alone systems resident on 66 workstations with related communications infrastructure.
  • 250 UNIX Systems (including Application, Web, Database, Infrastructure) resident on 69 servers consolidated through migration to the Storage Area Network.
  • 1 Network Area Storage device, decommissioning, 55 file/print servers.
  • Mainframe Mirroring.
  • AS400 Mirroring.
  • VAX Disaster Recovery.
  • Creation or amendment of/to 1200 scripted applications (visual basic; power-builder).
  • Documentation: Create standard for Information Gathering Guide, a basics to the technical profile and technical invocation procedures; Schematics presenting the system in Production, Loss of Primary Production Site and Loss of Secondary Production Site; Hardware handover procedures (see below); white papers (see below); facilitated Development Community and Disaster Recovery Documentation Specialists in the completion of the Disaster Recovery Process Guides.

Site Buildout and Management: 2 Disaster Recovery Sites (1-Corporate-owned; 1-Third Party); Working with Global Engineering in defining required workstation builds and responsibility for workstation build-out, management of build levels; build-out of infrastructure services as well as application-related servers to support the sites; deployment of stand-alone systems utilized by Operations for settlement and reconciliation with external banking entities; Management of workstation, printer and fax machine inventory; creation and maintenance of department-related logoin scripts; liaising with Network Group, Global Engineering, NT Production and BAU Desktop Team in system-related, network-related and hardware-related readiness as well as problem notification, definition and resolution.

Testing: Created the preliminary Disaster Recovery System and Infrastructure Testing Process in line with the Director of Testing’s Global Testing Standard and Guidelines. Facilitated the first year of testing of Back-Office Systems from Installation Verification Procedure; Technical Testing and Application Functionality Testing.

Transition of Disaster Recovery Project Management Deployment, Server Maintenance; Disaster Recovery Responsibilities and Documentation to various Business as Usual Teams: Transition of NT servers to NT Production; Transition of Documentation to Development and Server Infrastructure Communities; Transition of Stand-Alone (External Reconciliation and Settlement) systems.

Sybase Consolidation: Created system review process to support Global Server Infrastructure, Database and Development Communities efforts in further consolidation of the Disaster Recovery environment through consolidation of Sybase-related applications and databases.

Process Engineering: Disaster Recovery Testing Process and Preparatory Checklist and Meeting Format; Transition Process of NT Equipment from DR IT to BAU NT Production; SAN Provisioning Process; Transition of Project Management from DR IT Team to Infrastructure-Related Project Management; Transition of Site Workstation/Software management to Business As Usual Desktop Management Group; Change Management process for Development in line with existing Change Management processes to ensure changes to Disaster Recovery-related Invocation, Technical Documentation and changes to application and database-related servers to ensure synchronicity between Disaster Recovery and Production; Created the IT Readiness Process which trains IT of all Disciplines to invoke; evacuate; salt-and-pepper staff; prioritization at the Disaster Recovery Data Center.

White Papers: Leveraging use of Disaster Recovery Equipment as UAT and/or DEV (Single System/Single Owner Environments/Shared System/Shared Owner Environments; Development Guidelines: Development and changes required for Migration to the Storage Area Network (SAN); Development Guidelines in readiness for Sybase Consolidation.

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