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2003-2004 Team Leader, Project Manager, Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery Planning and Deployment.


Business Continuity.

  • Performed analysis and prepared Business and Branch-Level Continuity Plans for all Front and Back-Office Departments and Businesses including Finance and Administration.
  • Risk Assessment: Defined Mission Critical Functions, associated technology and applications along with RTO to meet Federal requirements.
  • Defined complete site requirements for the Business and Systems.
  • Educated staff to evacuation process and personal safety during a catastrophic and non-catastrophic event along with processes for the Crisis Management Team, Staff Accountability.

Disaster Recovery.

  • Created the Disaster Recovery Deployment Project based on those requirements defined in the Business Continuity plans as well as included the introduction of analytical procsses of required technology including applications (core application, executables; internal processes; application dependencies; incoming/outgoing feeds) to ensure that the applications/systems are "DR-Ready."
  • Recommended Application development standards in order to ensure shorter RTO for DR-required applications.
  • Created Testing Program: with related Test Scripts and Cases for: Installation Verification Process; Technical Testing; Application Functionality. Performed first Full-DR test for the Bank.
  • Defined documentation standards for Technical and application invocation processes/procedures, documents and schematics.
  • Worked with Site Provider to implement those services within their realm of responsibility.

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